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You are here because you know that keywords are how buyers find images, and you know that you want to do a better job to improve your sales.

But without industry standards to follow, it's difficult to know what you are doing.

We've been in the business of keywording crazy numbers of images for photographers, stock houses and publishers, and from this experience, we've become the keywording evangelists.

Daily Tips for You.

So we are taking all of our experience and sharing our knowledge to help you improve your keywording by taking the mystery out of the process.

Keywording may not be rocket science, but there are tricks and techniques that will give you a significant advantage.

Here you will find a daily tip on how to maximize your exposure and increase sales, by showing you synonyms and variant spellings, explaining how search engines work, and helping you understand the logic (illogic) of a buyer searching for what they want.

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The Keywording Glossary

KeywordsSmart has begun the Sisyphusian undertaking of writing the first comprehensive and definitive Keywording Glossary.

Search Tips

Because searchers and buyers need a little help too, we've also been publishing Image & Video Search Tips for a while now, helping buyers understand the subtleties of keywording, how search engines work, and how to improve their search experience by finding more appropriate results in less time.

We are:

Jody Apap

Our CEO and Keywording Guru. He's keyworded 250,000 images, and spends way more time thinking about keywording than a healthy human really should.

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Our glorius CBD, Rachel spreads the gospel of KeywordSmart and all we are trying to do to make the world a better place.

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Tip #24 Keyword Every Race, including Caucasian

For you caucasianocentrics,
race keywords aren’t just for what you consider “minorities.”
Use the keyword phrase CAUCASIAN ETHNICITY?